Oh you have made daddy very happy. Thank you, darlings.

How It’s Made needs to showcase how sex toys are created and the creative board behind the phallic shapes and tints. Because yes, colours are nice, but I don’t recall ever coming across a man with a purple cock. Unless it’s being strangled, of course.

Just finished watching a personal classic, Lolita. Of course, nothing is as great as the novel but I admire the film for close accuracy. 

For all of those who follow me, thank you for your interest. I hope to make your follow worth while. Especially for you, little darlings.

So lonely tonight, I’ve been so alone for so long and tonight is another night without a sweet baby girl to share my home with. Daddy will find you one day, love.

Dear Fellow Daddy Doms,

Let’s be a little more diligent in the courting and possessing of our littles hm? No one likes a bully and baby has to love her daddy not fear he’s going to put her in a plot along side his begonias in the backyard. Her special place is in his heart and bed. Don’t fuck it up. 

Sincerely, Me.