It is critical to vote. Watch the debates, know your choices well, your futures depend on it. Thank you.

naughtynyx said: I'm with anonymous...I wish you'd fuck me could whisper your grocery list and I'd get wet

There’s something about the way I say milk, eggs and butter that drive women mad ;)

Anonymous said: I wish you'd fuck me daddy....

How hard?

Anonymous said: Right, so I've been in a D/S relationship with my Dom for quite a while now, but lately things are...different. I care for him, a lot, but lately he's been getting rougher. Pushing my limits when I haven't exactly given consent to that, taking a good while to stop after I safeword, things like that. He's even left me right after play, and I dropped hard for days. I don't know what to do, as I don't want to leave him, but I'm beginning to get frightened of him. Any advice?

Well my little one, some dominant dads are more than what they allude to when it comes to their sadistic enjoyment. Any relationship that is dominant and submissive, age play or not included, always has to consider the well being of either person. Just like a common relationship, their has to be an understanding. Naturally yes, there are limitations, we are human after all. If he is purposely ignoring your pleads to be a little more gentle or considerate, there might be something wrong with him rather than you. If you feel truly that you are unsafe or in danger, leave. No matter how much you may like, adore or love him, you are worth more than pleasure.

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naughtynyx said: Daddy, your blog really floats my boat...I love the slightly dark/sarcastic humor, too. Talk to a horny sub craving a daddy? I'm oh such a good/bad girl. ;)

I pleasure from afar my dear, my sweet wouldn’t like that so much and I respect her. So please respect my certain limitations. But I do entertain very very very well.

terriblystrange said: Thought you disappeared there for a minute... Glad to see you're back to posting :)

Life happens. What can you do? Thank you for support.